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At the weekend I was in Oppdal to try something I have never tried before, ice climbing.
I don't always understand my own limitations, so when I got the offer to take part in ice climbing I just thought yes! I will try that. We drove towards Kongsvollfossen, and I quickly realized as we approached that now I have agreed to something I absolutely cannot do, again.
But I knew I had an incredibly skilled ice climber with me to secure me.

I first had training in a smaller waterfall, before we had to climb Kongsvollfossen. It was a trip up with cursing, admiration, toil, joy, and not least fear of whether I would come up at all when I felt lactic acid all the way to my fingertips.
What a feeling when you are finally at the top, it is simply indescribable!

After 5.30 hours we were back at the car again, and I had had an experience I will soon forget 😀




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