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The journey of discovery in Österlen continues, and I hardly know where to begin because this area in south-eastern Scania is so incredibly beautiful.

We thought that the bike is a good option to explore further, and packed a small bag to be out all day. After a good breakfast, with produce from the farms around Österlen and a stretching session, it was off on the bike.

First we cycled past Kivik Musteri, which is definitely worth a visit. Here there is an abundance of apples in all varieties.
After a trip to Kivik, we cycled through the Stenshuvud national park, but here you are not allowed to cycle to info (something we managed to avoid seeing

Once out of the forest, it was only a short stone's throw on a cozy path (without a bike

But there were more places to discover around the area, that's for sure. We strolled up to the bikes again and rode until we saw a sign that said Eternell gården, where they sold honey.
Here we had to stop, and for a place and some people. We got to see how the honey was made from the hive to the jar, the story of him traveling around to other beekeepers to mate the bees, that they actually mate 200 meters up in the air and lots of other things I had no idea about. In any case, it was incredibly interesting.

There were several places we were going to take with us on the trip in Österlen, and this is some of what we did in the next few days:

Knäbäckshusen's beach - Another absolutely beautiful beach

A bit of playing is also necessary, and not far from Simrishamn, right by the beach, these little boulder stones appear

I'm quite fond of chocolate, so we also had to visit the Österlen Choklad Fabrik, which is housed in an old town school from 1893. Everything they sell is made here before it's sent around the world.

Then there was a small taste test to see which praline was the winner. The one that won the award for most unexpected taste was probably pralines with Oregano, exciting to taste new flavours.

I can't help but mention Linas och Binas. Here, mother and daughter Eva and Lina run their own farm shop, with an incredibly cozy story about how they started it all. Among other things, honey is sold here, which is handled completely without heating to preserve as many nutrients as possible.
It was so cozy here that I could have stayed all day.
They also have an online store if you want to visit and are not in Sweden.

I am so impressed with each and every place and story here that I have attached a link to other farm shops as well. A nice little guide that I used a lot to find.

And after a day of lots of impressions, all that was left to do was enjoy a better dinner with all the ingredients from the various farm shops. The food tastes so much better then, and especially when you can sit and enjoy the food on the beach

A bit of evening work is necessary when I'm exploring during the day, but it's perfectly fine as long as the office looks like this

I must also mention Simrishamn, an incredibly cozy little town. In this small, cozy backyard, the world's coziest pizza restaurant appeared, named Gårdens. Here they actually had the best pizza I've ever eaten. Not to mention the ice cream, it was really good

There are supposed to be around 300 castles in the area here, so we couldn't leave without taking one of these with us. Kronovall's castle was absolutely beautiful. Concerts are organized here, there are wine tastings, other events and you can also spend the night here. Absolutely beautiful place.

And the rest of the time is spent enjoying everything from a good cup of tea, sitting and looking out over the water (regardless of whether it's foggy so I can't see anything

And that's how the hair wash works. It works really well to wash your hair in the sea

Thank you very much for the beautiful and exciting Österlen, we will definitely return to this little paradise


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