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At the castle Castello de Drena is the incredibly beautiful Via Ferrata route - Rio Salagoni.
It is not so easy to spot, but between two gorges in the forest lies an adventure of a Via Ferrata.

We were lucky enough to be guided by Franz who showed us around to one magical place after another in the area around Arco, just north of Lake Garda. And this Via Ferrata route was one of the experiences of this day.

When we had parked there were not many minutes to go before a new world opened up.
through small streams, narrow rock walls and green oases, the Via Ferrata winds its way through the mountains.


In all, it took about an hour to go through, but I completely forgot about the clock and time because it was so much fun, so here it's just about enjoying the time.
The total height of the route is no more than just under 300 metres, so this is not a hard or difficult route.
But in any case, it is important to have the right equipment with you for the trip.

We are definitely going here several times

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