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Are you a beginner on top hiking and think this looks exciting and beautiful?
Then you can come with us to the Sunnmørsalps to learn - The classroom becomes adventurous summit trips with our skilled guide Jens, from Hjørundfjord Moutain Guide!

From the beautiful fjords to the wild mountain peaks in the Sunnmør Alps, we will learn more about what you need to know to go on summit hikes in a safe way.

Time: 14-17 March 2024

The aim is to give the participants a good and solid general platform with knowledge and understanding of top skiing.
We go through and practice the most important fundamental points. With such knowledge and experience, this will make you safer and more comfortable on top skiing trips. You will be well equipped for trips on your own, as well as get a good basic platform to build on.

The course runs over three days (theory and practice), and will mainly take place outside on a trip in the mountains. We will learn by going for a walk.
In addition to being out in the mountains, Jens will take us through important theory on the first evening and before we go out on Friday morning.

Thursday evening:
Arrival. Review of the weekend and a small theory session where we go through the most important topics.

Jens continues with some theory before we head for the mountain and continue the course outside.

We will enjoy ourselves in the mountains today as well and learn a lot. On this day, the participants will also have the opportunity to plan a safe trip on their own in collaboration with Jens to see that the knowledge is correct and that we remember what we have learned from the day before.

After a good breakfast there is a journey home or possibly a trip in the mountains on your own.

The main focus of the course will be:
-Introduction to avalanche theory.
- Adaptation and use of equipment.
- Trip planning.
- Path selection.
-Ski technique both uphill and downhill.
- Snow knowledge.
- Landslides and avalanche rescue.
- Use of avalanche warning.

And last but not least, have a lot of fun

The course is suitable for:
The course is a beginner's course but is also suitable for those who want to brush up on old knowledge.
The course is suitable for those who want to learn more about skills and techniques in order to go on peak trips in the mountains as safely as possible.
Last but not least, it is suitable for those who love to travel in nature in winter.

You can use randonee skis, telemark skis with traps, snowboards with snowshoes.
It is also possible to rent equipment from Jens.
The BUA loan portal also has ski equipment that they lend out if you don't have equipment yourself but want to join a trip/course.

Our base will be at Lensmansstova, an old cozy log house from 1890.
The theory of the course will also be held here.
Before the theory, we enjoy a good breakfast here and prepare lunch for a nice day out.
After the ski trips, we enjoy the cozy space with lots of good ski talk and good food. Dinner can be arranged here (for an additional payment of NOK 400 per person per dinner)

At Lensmansstova you share the living room and bathroom with the other guests.

NOK 4,800 per person

Limited number of places, maximum 10 pers.
Binding registration.

Price includes:
Avalanche course.
Our skilled guide Jens.
Accommodation 3 nights at Lensmansstova in a double room.
Breakfast and a snack for the trip.
Lots of good travel experiences and knowledge

A little more about the Sunnmør Alps:
The Sunnmørsalps are located in the alpine mountain areas around the Hjørundfjord in Ørsta, Volda, Stranda and Sykkylven municipalities.
Here the wild mountains tower up to around 1,700 meters above sea level straight up from the fjord, which gives an incredibly wild and beautiful landscape.
I would say that this area has some of the most beautiful nature we have in Norway.

Hope you join us on an absolutely fantastic trip with beautiful nature and lots of fun
Feel free to contact me on phone 45232287 if you have any questions or want to sign up

Bildene tilhører Jens Forbod

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