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Would you like to join us on a hike to a mountain peak you'll never want to come down from, and have a magical evening at a festival you'll never want to end?
Together with Hjørundfjord Mountain Guide, we want to give you an unforgettable experience.

Welcome to FjordNorway's wildest fjord!

Saturday 10 August 2024

The goal for today's trip is to go up the mountain, Trandalhatten 1188 m.
The evening is enjoyed at the unique country festival at Christian Gaard farmstead.
It all takes place in Ørsta in Møre and Romsdal, more precisely near the small fjord village of Trandal.

Foto: Jens Forbod

Program for the day:

We will be picked up by boat at Kaihuset in Urke on Saturday morning. From here we are transported through the beautiful Hjørundfjord to Trandal. Trandal is a cozy little fjord village with no road connection, so you can only get here by sea or on foot.
From Trandal we are transported by tractor to the start of today's trip, Trandalhatten.
Trandalhatten (1188 m) is an iconic mountain shaped like a hat, in the heart of the Sunnmør Alps.
The way up to this wild and beautiful peak is about 4 km and 1,000 meters in height. Total t/r approx. 5 hour trip.
There may be some splitting towards the top, but our skilled guide Jens sets up ropes that we can hold on to if we think it's airy,
(there is no climbing on this tour).
The reward you get at the top is an unforgettable view of the wild and beautiful Hjørundfjord with the surrounding mountains.
We spend a lot of time and there is both time to take pictures and eat lunch here.
We will enjoy this trip to the fullest!
The only thing we have to get back to is the Country Festival in Trandal, so in other words we have plenty of time to enjoy our trip.

The country festival at the cozy Christian Gaard Bygdetun is a unique festival, where the audience and artists mingle and where nothing is too solemn. The most important thing is that everyone should have as much fun as possible. This is a festival where they wipe the "dust" off former great coyuntry voices, at the same time as new country artists are presented.

Before the festival starts, we find a cozy place by the water's edge for a social group, and for those who want, it is of course possible to have a swim in the fjord.
At Christian Gaard we get opportunities to take a shower after the trip and here a better dinner is also served.

For the rest of the evening, we enjoy country music, sing-alongs and dancing.
After the festival, we will be picked up by boat and driven back to Urke or Sagafjord Hotell, if anyone lives there.

If you want good trip tips for the next day, Jens is happy to recommend a trip.

This tour does not require more than normal physical fitness.

NOK 3200
Binding registration, limited number of places.

Price includes:
Skilled local guide for the mountain tour (Jens, Hjørundfjord Mountain Guide)
Boat trip to/from Trandal
Tractor ride t/r
Entry on Saturday to the Country Festival
Lots of pleasant memories

On Friday evening, Jens welcomes us at the Kaihuset in Urke for a review of the trip.
It is also possible to meet on Saturday morning directly at the quay where the boat picks us up to take us to Trandal.


Each individual arranges their own accommodation, but I can recommend Urke camping or Sagafjord Hotell. The boat will also take us to these places after the festival.

Registration takes place via me (Anette) on phone 45232287.
Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or for a pleasant trip chat

Foto: Jens Forbod

Og skulle du få lyst til å huske på den berømte huska til Christian Gaard blir det masse muligheter til det og.

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