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Hold off on 19 May 2024. Then, together with Skjærgårdidyllen Kajakk & Outdoor, we will organize an idyllic and adventurous kayak trip in the Swedish archipelago at Grönemad, just outside Grebbestad

We paddle out to one of the archipelago's beautiful islands in what will be a paddling paradise. During the paddling trip, we will learn about oysters, one of the sea's delicacies, in their natural environment. We will also learn to tell the difference between different species. There will of course also be opportunities for a taste test and a glass of non-alcoholic drink.
Outside Grebbestad grows the famous Ostrea Edulis. There are those who claim that the oysters from here are among the best in the world.
From the Skjærgårdidyllen kayak center it is only a few paddles to the nearest oyster bank.

We have with us a skilled yoga instructor with many years of kayaking experience, who on one of the archipelago's beautiful islands will take us to a yoga class specially adapted for those of us who like to paddle.
By using yoga poses, paddlers can help the body to relax and soften tight muscles. This can be a great advantage if you want the best possible kayaking experience with the least possible discomfort, which can be a result after several hours in the kayak.

You do not need any previous paddling experience to join the trip. The only requirement is that you can swim.
The trip itself is an introduction to paddling where we continuously train the basic skills you need.

The paddling trip starts at the Skjærgådidyllen kayak center at Grebbestad. The kayak center run by Ingela and Marcus is located in a cozy old fishing shed that has belonged to Ingela's family for generations. They are really passionate about their hobby and chose to move to this beautiful place to show others their beautiful archipelago.

NOK NOK 1,950 per person

May 19. Meeting at the kayak center at 10.00.

After kayak trips, there will be a barbecue by the water's edge. Bring barbecue food and drinks that you want yourself

If you need accommodation in the area, there is everything from hotels to campsites, let me know and we can recommend a place.

Limited number of places, so let me know quickly if you want to secure a place.
Binding registration.

Kayak, vest, splash pad and oar
Skilled instructors in kayaking and yoga take us on an educational trip.
We will learn about oysters, get a taste test and a glass of non-alcoholic drink.
Yoga class on one of the archipelago's beautiful islands, specially adapted for paddling.
An idyllic paddling trip in the beautiful archipelago outside Grebbestad.

Hope you will join us for a cozy and educational paddling day

(Photo: Archipelago idyll)


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