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Værøy that is, if you haven't been there then you just have to go there once 😍 It's absolutely incredible how beautiful this island is, another little piece of paradise in Norway 🥰🇳🇴

After about 3 hours, the ferry we took from Bodø pulled into the port on Sørland at Værøy. It is also possible to get here by helicopter, which I definitely wanted to try.

This beautiful little island belongs to Lofoten and is the second outermost inhabited island in Lofoten. Only the island of Røst lies further out.

The picture below is from Hornet, with a view towards Mosken and Lofoten ⛰

There were some fantastic trips on this very special island out in the sea gap.

Håen or Håheia 438 m above sea level:
This trip can hardly be described in words, rarely have I seen a more beautiful view.
The trip up to Håen is very easily accessible. We spent just over an hour up a nice path with a lovely view from the first step.
We chose to take the steepest path to the left of the road that winds upwards. You can also follow the road to the top.
In addition, there are several nice paths right next to the road. So, in other words, a sea of ​​paths to choose from on this island.

Parking: Drive in at the sign for Marka in Sørland. Here you enter a car park by the light trail.
From here you walk up the asphalt a short distance until you pass the barrier. Turn left and follow the steep path.
It is also possible to follow paths along the asphalt upwards, but I definitely recommend the path we took.

From the Punn Sanden beach you see in the picture above, there is a cave where 3000-year-old cave paintings have been found.
This beach cannot be reached without a boat.

There are several tours that are a must on this beautiful island, and there are well-marked trails all over:

6 km a road in hilly terrain.
Måstad is a small hamlet that was vacated in 1974, but which through its history and location is one of the most unique hamlets in Norway.
There is a lot of history here and this lovely place with the path here is absolutely worth a visit.

Parking: On the north side of the island, you can park at Nordlandshagen, past the old airport and further down the dirt road.
There is a well-marked path along lovely beaches and beautiful nature.
From Måstad, you can take the trip up to Måhornet, which is located in the very south of the island with its 439 m above sea level.

There is a lot of history to see along the path to Måstad.

A beautiful plateau that you can visit on your way up to Håen.

Hornet and Nordlandsnupen:
From Håen you can go on to Hornet and Nordlandsnupen along the ridge, with absolutely beautiful views.
It is also possible to go up here from the car park by the light trail.
So here you can choose to go on both short and longer trips that cross each other.
A small hiking eldorado in easy going terrain 🥾😍

From the beach at Nordlandshagen, it is incredibly beautiful. Here is a chalk-white beach directly facing the sea, where the sunset is completely impossible not to be completely captivated by.

Thank you for this time beautiful Værøy 🥰
Then the trip continues in Hjulius, who is having a great time on the trip 🚐🌼


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