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If there's one trip I'm really glad I've taken, it's this one.
What a place with a strong history of Egilbu – A gapahuk built on top of the Klokkskollen on Urkeegga, here there are even several places set up to hang the hammock. There are also good opportunities for camping here.

We chose to drive into Langseterdalen, here there is a large, nice car park. The route is well marked, and you can choose between several routes. We chose to go the long route up and the short route back down, which we certainly did not regret. The path went on the back of the mountain with a fantastic view over the valley, then reached the top with a magnificent view over the Norangsfjorden/Hjørundfjorden.
The round is about 10 km, with sometimes steep terrain (especially the short way back).
In the background of the picture below, you can see Slogen, which is another top that is definitely worth bringing along.

Once up, it was just a matter of enjoying a good meal in this wonderful place.

And I really felt like a little kid when I saw the hammock space that appeared on the underside of the gaping hut, because there aren't many mountain peaks where you can hang this.

Here it's really just a matter of bringing enough food and drink so you can stay here for a long time, because you'll have to look for a place for a long time 😀

And what could be better than celebrating your birthday on top of a mountain?
So incredibly fun to be part of the celebration 🥳

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