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With a new Polar watch and eager to start the book 101 trips on Hadeland, I found trip no. 2 in the book (round trip to Gammehaugen).
I packed the rucksack with a small thermos with something hot in it, took some nuts and the banana bread I baked the other day (recipe is on the page under recipes), then I set out on a nice little walk.

I parked at Granavollen and walked along dirt roads, the tractor road and paths.
But I probably couldn't quite follow the tour description according to the book, so I went my own way, but I arrived without too many mistakes 😉

A total of 8.7 km in hilly terrain.

Check out my activity on Strava:

Very cozy at the top, and with a nice view of the village.

And my new Polar watch, the Vantage V Titan was just raw. To put it mildly, it has everything 😀

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