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Now I'm sitting at Topcamp Mosjøen in a really stormy weather. But it's actually good to have a little rain on a few days too, because then it's possible to get some indoor stuff done.
This is also a perfect place for a shower and laundry should anyone in the area need it. Not least, there is a swimming hall right next to it which is a perfect bad weather activity 💦

So back to 23 August when the Luster trip was over and I had decided that then the trip would go to the most beautiful Northern Norway to explore every conceivable place there.
It got quite quiet when I was left alone, everyone had left and I thought what on earth am I doing.
But after I got some sleep on it, the motivation was at its peak and the joy was great to be able to start my trip north 🚐😍

I first drove up and parked at the crossroads between Sognefjellsveien and Tindeveien. Here it is just perfect to find a place and "set up camp".
In the middle of Smørøyet for top hikes and lovely views. I was tempted to do a lot of trips while I was here, but now it was the north that stood for a trip, so the only thing I couldn't resist was cycling up the mountain from Fortun and up to Sognefjellsveien. 1 mile up…. Love it!!!!! 🚴‍♀️
But eager as I was, I started with a much too high heart rate and struggled up with my helmet on the snow 😉

At the top, a short and fresh bath awaited in a lovely little river that had made its own little pool 💦

I stayed here one night before driving the Sognefjellsveien on towards Høydalen in Lom municipality, a place I had been recommended and which I was very curious about.
This really was a hidden little gem of a place, which I will definitely return to on a later occasion.
Here there were plenty of opportunities to camp ⛺️🚐

I ate dinner down by the water's edge on the completely turquoise Høydalsvatnet. Completely speechless with admiration, I sat here for several hours.

It takes time on the road north, but I'm in no rush and enjoy the freedom of living in a campervan.
I do follow the weather a bit and drive mostly on the days when the weather is bad, which should be the next few days.
After a night near Jotunheimen Fjellstue, the road took me on to Oppdal, where my next overnight stay was. It is actually a must to stop by Oppdal and the store VPG. Here I spent half a day, hehe. In addition to the fact that this is one of my favorite stores, they also had a climbing wall next door to the store 😀 Then it couldn't get much better!

After a short stay in Oppdal, the trip continued towards Stjørdal. At Molovika I found an absolutely perfect place to free camp. With a view directly towards the sea and a lovely sandy beach directly behind the car, it was tempting to stay here for a little while.

Ihverfall lenge nok til at jeg fikk tatt en styrkeøkt på stranda💪  Det var massevis av utstyr som stokker og steiner liggende rett i nærheten som gjorde denne plassen til en perfekt styrketreningsarena.

Just a few minutes' walk from Molovika along the rock, lies Storvika beach. This is the beach, so to speak, with a separate small climbing area on the beach.
I should have taken a picture of it, but I got so busy looking around that I forgot the whole picture 😉

The weather continued to be a bit rough, so I thought that I might as well drive the E6 upwards so that I get a good distance north. Then I take the coastal road back.
After a few hours in the car with singing and music, Nordlandsporten suddenly appeared.

Today I'm puzzling around Mosjøen a bit and now I'm going for a trip to test out the swimming pool there before the trip continues towards Bodø.

So incredibly nice that you're following me on the trip 🥰 And if you have any tips for places I should visit, I'd be very happy for tips.


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