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As a 50-year present, I got a trip to Siam Park on Tenerife, which has been named the world's best water park
It was my first time in Tenerife and I was really pleasantly surprised by how much fun there was to do there.
Christian, Caroline (my youngest daughter) and her boyfriend were also on the trip, which was so incredibly nice.
We traveled on New Year's Eve, so the first thing we were going to experience there was the New Year's celebration
Right in the center of Los Cristianos (not far from the hotel) they had set up a stage. From here there was live music and people dancing in the streets, so incredibly cozy and a wonderfully nice celebration.

On the first day of 2024, snorkeling had to be tried, and even though I didn't catch it on camera, I barely got my head under water before two octopuses appeared right next to me. So incredibly special to see squid, I've never seen that in real life before.

I guess we don't exactly tend to lie on the lazy side, so we had to explore more of this nice island.
Just a few minutes drive from the hotel there was a small peak called Montana Chayofita, and I love peaks, so then it was just a matter of parking the car and strolling up to the sunset. It wasn't a long trip, a maximum of 15 minutes to go up, and the view was absolutely magical and really worth taking in.

The next day it was the small mountain village of Masca that stood for the trip. Masca has only around 90 inhabitants and is incredibly beautiful. It must be mentioned that my cycling muscles tingled a bit when I saw the road towards this small town. The small steep and winding road that wound its way through the mountains must be an absolutely magical road to cycle too. So that's another good reason to go back here.

On the way back, there was such an incredibly beautiful view, so we had to stop and go out to have a look around the area. From the highest point where we parked, we could also see Teide 3718 meters above sea level, Spain's highest mountain. It is also actually the 3rd largest volcano in the world.

Jacob had checked out boat trips in the area from Las Americas/Los Cristianos and found a trip we wanted to join. From the sailing boat of Tenerife Yacht, we were going to look for dolphins and whales. I was actually a bit skeptical about whether we would see it, but it didn't take long before they were everywhere around us.

Another super nice day was over and we were going back to eat a good dinner at the hotel. Incidentally, the hotel was called Mar Y Sol in Los Cristianos. This was a hotel adapted to the disabled, but all adults could travel there. If you like warm water in the pool, it is really worth staying here. Otherwise, a slightly older hotel, but still very good, and pleasant service

Dagen etter skulle vi til Siam Park badeland og det hadde jeg gledet meg til lenge 🎉 Men først en koselig frokost på hotellet.

I can understand that Siam Park has been voted the world's best water park several years in a row, it was so much fun
A play paradise for both young and old. I almost think it must become a tradition to go here

I would have liked to have been in Tenerife muchyyyy longer, because I really enjoyed myself there.
It probably had a lot to do with those who were there too, such nice and good people ❤️
Thank you so much for the trip Christian, Caroline and Jacob

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