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I lived in Gran Canaria to cycle a number of years ago, but I've never been to Fuerteventura

After nearly six hours on the plane, we landed on Fuerteventura, and from there it was an hour's bus ride to La Pared - Powered by Playitas, which should be a good surfing spot for beginners and, of course, also for advanced surfers
We arrived at a deserted place with a small village where Apollo had his base. From here it was only a stone's throw down to the sea, so then it was really just a matter of throwing away the suitcase, putting on the slippers and getting down to look at the beach where we were going to spend most of our time here

After a couple of minutes of walking, this sight met us, and it was almost difficult to wait until the next day to surf, I feel like a little kid when something fun happens

After a short walk on the beach, dinner awaited, and the view from the restaurant was so incredibly cozy

Back in the room, I looked for an air conditioner, because after getting over the joy of being there, I felt that entering the room felt more like entering a sauna
The only thing the mosquito got hold of was my face, so I woke up with four mosquito bites on my forehead and one on my nose
But it was quickly forgotten as soon as we woke up and just had to eat a good breakfast before we went surfing

We had signed up for a surfing course the following day as there could be some strong currents and waves, so it was good to get some good tips. Right outside the reception there was a surf shop, a small grocery store and not least a bike rental where you could borrow both mountain bikes and road bikes for free

You could sign up for a refresher course or a one to five day course and get to borrow a board for free after that, when the instructor saw that you were confident enough to be able to ride the waves alone. I think it's an incredibly good arrangement, even if at times there could be a few people on the courses at a time. But it went well, and the instructors were very skilled

Then it was just a matter of enjoying and playing in the waves until every single muscle in the body couldn't take it anymore

It was so incredibly nice on the beach that we had to go down again to see the sunset and considered whether we should bring the mattresses from the hotel down to the beach. But we found that it would have been a bit boring if we were to be washed out to sea by the tide in the middle of the night, so we dropped it

The next day we had to try out the bikes a bit too, so it was a short trip to the nearest small town, Costa Calma. Lovely little town where we ate some lunch and went to the windsurfing beach we had heard was so nice.

Then we borrowed mountain bikes and checked out the nice view on the upper side of the surf beach we had surfed on the day before. Incredibly cool terrain with the lava landscape that is on Fuerteventura

After two days of surfing lessons, we were allowed to borrow boards and surf as much as we wanted, only we stuck to the safe times to surf and watched out for the currents that could be strong, so then it was just a matter of continuing to enjoy
There really wasn't much else we did but surf, eat and sleep for the rest of the days

Thank you so much for a completely magical trip once again, even if our little Hjulius van had to stay at home this time
This place is really recommended, so we'll be back again that's for sure

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