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2 pieces of sirloin or tenderloin Salt and pepper 2 cloves of garlic 3 stalks of rosemary 1 piece of Parmesan 1 bag of arugula 1 pack of cherry tomatoes 1 piece of lemon Olive oil and balsamic to drizzle over Tempers the meat before roasting. Season with salt and pepper. Heat a heavy-bottomed pan and add olive oil. Let it get piping hot before adding the meat. Let the steaks fry for about 3-4 minutes on each side. Let the meat rest on the plate for that long. Knock out the frying fat from the pan without washing it. Lower the temperature and pour in a little oil. Place the lemon cut in half, cut side down, crushed garlic clove and rosemary in the pan. Let it simmer over medium heat for about 5 minutes. Lift out the lemon and pour all the fat from the pan over the steaks. Then toss the salad and tomatoes with a few drops of olive oil and a small squeeze of lemon. Place the salad on a suitable plate. Cut the meat into even slices across the grain. Place the meat on the plate. Grate or grate over the Parmesan and serve with the roasted lemon on the side to squeeze over. Served with small fried potatoes.

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