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After a super cozy weekend, I sit back and think: Oh, damn it was so cozy in this area.

Skåbu (870 m) is a small village in Nord-Fron Municipality. The village is located in a side valley to Gudbrandsdalen, towards Jotunheimen, surrounded by hospitable mountains with old picturesque fields.

We brought snowshoes, randonee equipment and cross-country skis. Something that would prove to be perfect to take with you on this trip.

The first day we put on our snowshoes and went to the small peak Finnbølshaugen 1080 m.

We drove Jotunheimveien from Skåbu towards Bygdin and parked at the top of Finnbølslia, in a car park there. From there we went up to the small cabin at the top of Finnbølshaugen. Here we found the perfect sun wall, and what could be cozier than lighting a fire and enjoying some barbecue food on top.
Here it is fine to go for a walk, then you just go down the other side of the mountain and out onto Jotunheimveien, and follow this back.

Day 2it was a randonee trip to Saukampen that stood for trip, and that in the finest weather imaginable.
What a super nice top, especially for me who is not too fond of the steep descent. But here it was possible to choose many roads, both steep and less steep.
We parked at Breistulen. We could see the top all the way, so it wasn't difficult to find our way. After about 6 km we reached the top, and a view of mighty Jotunheimen and Rondane met us.
There weren't that many people there either, so it was a great place to go if you don't feel like queuing.

Cocoa and lefse with avocado, salad, egg and smoked salmon awaited on top. Rolled up into a wrap. Super good tour food that fills you up well.

Day 3was expecting a cross-country trip in the perfect Easter weather. Zero wind, perfect skis and a bright blue sky.
We drove up towards Skardfjellet and parked at the end of the road where it narrows. We didn't walk many meters before the cross-country trails came into view.
Right up on Snaufjellet, pistes and views I could only dream of awaited. This must be the nicest place I've gone cross-country skiing, I think, because of the view, cozy yard and lovely places to sit down.
Well signposted and lots of short loops that you could only take if you didn't want to go home yet.
What a place!!!

Actually, it's not possible to explain how nice it is there, so you just have to take the trip yourself 🙂

If you need a place to stay, Skåbu Fjellhotell is absolutely worth visiting. This is a small, intimate and homely family-run hotel. Here there is great food and a host who really appreciates his guests.

Skåbu cottage hamlet is also an option for accommodation. This is a cozy campsite right down by the water, Olstappen.

Slangen Sæter also has accommodation options, and is a lovely little place with cabins, right near the lake Slangen.

Enjoy your trip, there are plenty of opportunities here in both summer and winter 🙂

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