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I really have no words after this day, for something so incredibly wonderful!

We set off from Gran and arrived at Luster Fjordhytter after just over 5 hours.
After a little look in the top turbo book, we got everything ready for the next day's trip up Lauvnostind, before we had to get a good night's sleep.

We woke up to weather that couldn't really get any better, and with just half an hour in the car we were at the start of Lauvnostind.
Here it was just a matter of putting on shorts and applying sunscreen because there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

Lauvnostind - the peak on the far left.

And half the fun is a small snack on the way up, or at the top 😀

At the top a magnificent view met us, which can hardly be described.

Once back down, it was such an incredibly nice temperature so then it was just a matter of getting the SUP board pumped up and getting out for a walk in Lustrafjorden, at the end of Sognefjorden.

And not least take a fresh bath!

The area around Luster has so much to offer, and in one day we have taken in everything from a bath, a summit hike and to plowing edges that were higher than I have ever seen.

I'm looking forward to the next few days here, because here there are endless possibilities if you want to be active 😀


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