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From Stavanger you board the boat that takes you to Flor & Fjære on the island of Sør-Hidle.
It is almost impossible to imagine the smell and the sight that awaits you when you arrive after 30 minutes.

Inspired from all over the world, they have created something completely unique on this island.
You will be welcomed by guides who will show you around and tell you about the history of this adventure of a place, before you get some time on your own.
Then an incredibly good 3-course dinner awaits, which is an experience in itself.

You also get some time on your own after dinner, before the boat returns.
It was no less beautiful when it got dark.
I almost couldn't get back on the boat because this was truly a sight for the eyes.

If you are in this area, this place is really worth a visit.
The season here lasts from early May to the end of September.

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