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Lofoten has so much to offer that I could have been there for a long time.
But I chose to take these experiences with me in the last days of my Lofoten stay 😀

If you are in Lofoten, you almost have to visit Henningsvær, for something so cozy.
It was raining that day, so it was a perfect reason to stay indoors for a bit. Then the climbing cafe was a must, with good food and an atmosphere that made us stay a long time in this cozy place.

Henningsvær also has a tiny little soap shop called Lofotsåpa, and I had to visit there.
Here you can buy something as cool as 100% natural soap nuts (which are widely used in India), and something I definitely had to test as it was perfect to have with me as a hiking detergent.
I'm easily carried away trying things when it's natural, I must admit, but they worked perfectly!
And having said that, I also got to try a hand cream (body bar) which was made from, among other things, beeswax, coconut oil, avocado oil etc.
A bit skeptical, but damn it was absolutely magical for dry hands.
There was a lot of other cool stuff here too.

This etc. can be ordered from Anne (aromatherapist) who runs the shop,

I can't help but mention Trevarefabrikken, this place is absolutely worth a visit - Incredibly cool place with accommodation, food and lots more.
Check out the link below:

Just the sauna here with a view straight to the sea made me want to check this place out more.


Then it was time to travel to Hov Gård on Gimsøysand, about half an hour's drive from Henningsvær.
Here we were going to ride on the beach in the midnight sun, and eat a better dinner at cozy Låven.

We couldn't resist taking the beach that has been named Norway's finest beach several times, namely Hauklandstranda on Vestvågøy, in the middle of Lofoten. And with chalk-white sand and turquoise blue water, I understand very well that this is one of the finest beaches Norway has to offer.

If you are in this area, you can also take the mountain tour up to Mannen (400 m). A great trip, with an absolutely magical view of Hauklandstranda when you get to the top. You will probably reach the top in less than an hour.

Parking is no problem at this beach, and there is plenty of space for tents too if you don't feel like leaving here.

A few wonderful and memorable days are over, but I am definitely going back to this wonderful part of Norway - Lofoten 😀

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