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After the last trip to Fuerteventura with Cecilie we had so much fun, so as soon as we got back we had to look for another trip. And it didn't take many days before we found another trip, this time to Madeira.
When we boarded the plane to Madeira, we really had no great expectations, other than that we knew there would be incredibly beautiful nature there. But…. WHAT A MAGICAL ISLAND OF ADVENTURE!!

We had a week at our disposal, and wanted to find out what adventure and fun the island could offer us.
These were the top 5 for us, in random order:

✅ The sunrise from Pico do Arieiro, 1818 m above sea level☀️
We had hired a car and got up early this day to catch the sunrise in good time before 07.45.
The drive from Funchal (where we stayed) was just over 40 minutes to the Pico do Arieiro car park. From here, it wasn't many meters to go before we got an ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE view. It was only 2 plus degrees here, but with a down jacket, hat and gloves on, it was absolutely perfect. I will never forget the incredibly beautiful view, ABSOLUTELY MAGICAL

Snorkeling/swimming in Porto Moniz
One of the days we rented a car, we wanted to try and swim in the natural swimming pool in Porto Moniz. When we arrived, the pool was closed due to too many waves, but of course it went just fine because we got a wave show we wouldn't have been without

The next day we went back to this exciting place. Then the pool was open again and we jumped in with great joy
It turned out that there were two different places to swim here. One cost a few kroner and the other was free. The most natural and the coolest place in our opinion was the one that cost nothing. Here there was also a restaurant between the lava stones where they had lots of good food

Pico Ruivo, 1861 masl⛰
Pico Ruivo is the highest mountain on Madeira, and I wanted to take that trip with me

I've wanted to try canyoning for a long time, and finally we got the chance. What an adventure Epic Madeira took us on
They have tours for all levels, but we thought it would be good to try the tour for beginners. It definitely added flavor

Vereda da Ponta de São Lourenco
This is the easternmost point on the island, and a hiking paradise. We didn't go all the way out to the top this time, but here there was a crazy nice view from the first step, so here you can only choose how far you want to go
In total, the trip to the top is 3 km and with 126 meters of elevation gain it was a nice and not too steep trip.

There were a whole bunch of other nice places to see too, including the Levadas that criss-cross the island. Levadas are the waterways with channels that carry water from the more humid places on the island to the drier ones. There are over 2170 km of canals and along many of these there are fantastically beautiful paths you can follow

We were advised to rent a car and it was smart because there is so much to see around us, everything from waterfalls to spectacular viewpoints, without the driving distances being too long
The picture below is from Cristo Rei. Next to the cool staircase, there is also a cable car going down to a beach. Definitely worth the trip there and.

Utsikten mot fossen er fra Vėu da Noiva, som vi tilfeldig så når vi var på vei mot Porto Moniz. Så da stoppet vi like godt innom der og.

Not far from Porto Moniz we also found this spectacular rock formation that juts straight up from the sea, Ilheus Da Ribeira Da Janela. You walk through a small cave to get there, before this view meets you. Incredibly cool

After an unforgettable week, where Madeira has become one of my favorite islands, I am left with lots of memories for life ❤️
Thank you so much for a fantastic trip, Cecilie

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