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In these days when most things are turned upside down, I hope you will join me on this challenge again 🧡💪

Either as an addition to your regular training or as a full-fledged training program if you want to get started, I hope you will train 15 minutes every day for 1 month with me.
On this page there is a video for each day with important and varied strength exercises, fitness and stretching exercises (all can be done at home or outside). We use what equipment we have.

The exercises are suitable both for those who have not trained much before, and those who have trained a lot, as I also show alternative exercises to make them somewhat heavier where there is a need for it. The exercises are good as additional exercises to other training as we work a lot with small important muscle groups, and as a comprehensive program if you are going to start training.
We will also work on stretching, which most of us need.

Day 1 we start with legs and something on the shoulder. We also get core muscles, balance etc
The exercises can be done with or without weights.
I choose here 2×10 on each leg, but you can do 3×10-12 depending on what you want.
Warm up first on your own, e.g. by doing the exercises without weights and/or stretching a little first.

We are dragging our feet on the last film.

Good luck!

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