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It's quite a different time before Christmas when you live in a van 🚌 And what I notice the most difference is that we get so much more time without all the Christmas chaos, the best thing about Christmas is having fun 🎄🎄
Having said that, it's also quite cold, it must be said when we're sitting here in the car in -10 degrees outside 🥶 But, we've fricamped so much that we've chosen to stay at a campsite when it's the coldest and then it goes perfectly fine with a small fan oven and a panel oven.
I have removed the wood stove, as the car could not be approved as a motorhome with this in it, for several reasons. But regardless of cold or not, the run-up to Christmas and Christmas must be celebrated with the family in Norway and Sweden ❤️
The first stop was Lygna to find a Christmas tree and go skiing 🎄 Or rather, it was probably no more than a twig from a Christmas tree, but it worked very well with a little light on it 🎄 After two weeks in Spain it was cold to come back, but still an incredibly cozy time with all the cozy things to do in December.

Then we were supposed to have a small baking day to make the first confectionery in the Christmas baking. With enough gas on the stove in the car, it was just a matter of starting to melt chocolate to make "Julelows". It was the first time we've made it, but it's definitely the best confection I've tasted, so that confection disappeared during the evening 😅 Recipe is on the website.

Liseberg Christmas Market was the next stop🎄🎡 Here, both my family and Christian's were to meet, and we were then three Norwegians and three Swedes, so then it just had to be a 5-a-side game with Norway against Sweden 😅💪 Incredibly fun, and not least the coziest Christmas market I've been to, so here it was impossible not to get into the Christmas spirit 🧑‍🎄

The first time I've won something big, so no wonder I was happy when I even won my favorite chocolate 😍

Every corner of Liseberg was decorated so incredibly beautifully 🎄

Here the 5-game was in full swing 💪 And it went as it had to go 😅... Norway won, but it will be a tough revenge next year 💪😅

We chose to stay at a campsite in Sweden and found Apelvikens camping in Varberg. It really was an incredibly nice campsite, perhaps the nicest I've been to. Right on the beach which was even a surfing beach, open all year round and seemed almost more like a hotel than a campsite. Here there was a sauna, swimming pool (summer), fantastic sandy beach, breakfast buffet, restaurant and lots more. It was also possible to rent cozy cabins in the area 🛖 And with one of the coolest surf shops I've seen, Surfers Paradise in the center of Varberg, I got a surfboard too🏄🤩

Incredibly cozy breakfast buffet at the campsite ☕️

Down by the beach, a stone's throw from the campsite, there are benches and barbecue areas, a wonderful swimming beach and lots of cozy little places around ☀️

From the campsite you can also walk/cycle along the sea to the center of Varberg with Varberg fortress, the Kaldbadhuset and the Warmbadhuset with a whopping 32 degrees in the water 🛀

Thank you very much for following along on our trip, I hope it can provide some inspiration and tips 🥰 And finally, I would like to wish you a peaceful and cozy pre-Christmas period 🎄

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