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After a few seconds of excitement, the die ended on a one, and I'm going to the Dolomites in August 🥳 I can't wait to explore the Dolomites and the way there 🚐 It's actually one of my favorite places, where I have lots of great memories from, and it's also a nature that is just indescribably beautiful 😍

Here from a group trip I had to Canazei a few years ago, with a wonderful group. Never forget these trips 🥰

But first there was some cleaning and packing at home. There is a lot to go through and it is difficult to give away/sell quite a few things. But still, it's a freedom that feels more and more as I own less and less.

Not to mention photos to be looked through, there were a few extra hours between albums for some family reminiscing and from when the girls were little ❤️❤️

After a lot of packing and organizing in the house, I was going to London with my daughter, Caroline ❤️ A trip we've been looking forward to for a long time 🥳But first a little birthday celebration with Christine, my other daughter, and her boyfriend ❤️

Then to London, in glorious weather with Caroline ☀️🥰

We stayed at Myfair Guesthouse. An affordable alternative to hotels in the middle of London's hustle and bustle. Here it was walking distance to most things and the rooms were large, clean and nice. There was also incredibly good service there. The reason it was so reasonable was that the toilets were in the hallway and had to be shared with the other rooms, but there weren't many rooms there so it worked out just fine. And we would rather stay a little more affordable than pay dearly to stay when we were hardly going to be in the room. So Myfair Guesthouse can certainly be recommended 👌

And breakfast could be taken right across the street, there were plenty of cozy places to choose from.
We chose a small cozy cafe with a myriad of healthy smoothies and other exciting healthy dishes 💚
I also really have to recommend a place to eat, and that is Dishoom, an Indian restaurant with really good food 👌

And after several hours in shops and even more steps, we took a short break in one of the fitting rooms 😅

We found a cozy park to sit in and met this little family 🥰

...Who also wanted pizza 🥰

After a few wonderful days in London, the trip went back to Jaren and a few days in the house with final cleaning before the house is, so to speak, empty. I also had to take a short bike ride on Gran, it's so incredibly beautiful here with Randsfjorden and Granavollen among other things. And what could be better than ending the cycle tour with a bite to eat at Granavollen.

Now it's time to travel on and new adventures await 🚐 Hope you'll join us on the trip 🥰

And if you want to see some film clips as well, you can take a look at this link:

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