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Luster is a perfect place for both fjord life and summit tours, so I had to go here.
The first day we rented a cabin at Luster Fjordhytter, perfect location right down by the fjord.

Not that we really needed a cabin, because it was really only our luggage that was inside, hihi 😉
The food was prepared outside and we slept on the veranda in the hammocks, where we both fell asleep and woke up to the lapping of the waves.

After a night at Luster fjord cabins, it was just a matter of getting out into the sun and up into the trees 😉 Now the wooden tent was finally going to be used again 😀

There are different types and sizes of these tents, but this is a two-man tent from Tentsile. There is plenty of room for two people here.

Among other things, you can buy it here: 330732752285_pla&ef_id=CjwKCAjwte71BRBCEiwAU_V9h9Vr7CQfFaNg9eVpmrK8XasT3UaAtunuxmEKRRSvQXYz9raUmGSa_hoCRvsQAvD_BwE&ev_chn=shop

And with this view, it was not difficult to enjoy the day, even if the weather in the mountains was too bad to hike to the top.

It's so incredibly nice to sleep outside too, I almost don't want to sleep inside anymore 😀

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