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Værøy then, this small island belonging to Lofoten is definitely one of Norway's pearls 😍 It was so nice there that I had to make a separate post about this beautiful island.
I will definitely go back here!

After a few days on Værøy, we took the ferry across to Moskenes in Lofoten. I then felt that I had to take a short trip home to visit my girls when my mother's heart only had to see Christine and Caroline. So then it was just a matter of driving through Lofoten and straight to Evenes airport for a few days at home.
The road goes back to Lofoten as soon as I can, because now I have received so many good tips for known/unknown gems and good people there that I can hardly wait to go back.

After a few super cozy days with my girls, I was back at Evenes airport. So then it was just a matter of putting on Google Maps and driving towards Vesterålen.

We started with Andøya,
which I have long wanted to visit.
Not far from Andenes, at the very end of Andøya, is Bleik, a fishing village with magnificent beaches and fantastic peaks to visit.

We chose to go Måtinden 408 m, which is a well-marked and absolutely lovely little summit tour.
We went up from Baugtua 3.8 km one way, and the easiest way up.
It is also possible to go from Bleik, in which case the journey is somewhat longer. I have to get the trip from this side too, but the weather was too bad this time, so I definitely have to come back here too. Not least to get me a rib trip to see whales. I really can't miss that 😀

I often get asked about the clothes I wear, so here's a little advertisement about it 😉 I'm wearing some super good shoes from Icebug. the trousers I wear a lot on a slightly chilly autumn day from Fjellreven. Not to mention my favorite vest from Norrøna, which I take with me everywhere.
The jumper is from Devold and is an incredibly good wool jumper with a high neck.

Is it any wonder that I am completely moved and grateful to be able to experience all these beautiful places and wonderful people Norway has to offer 🇳🇴

Nyksund was the next stop- A charming old fishing village where the first settlement was as early as the end of the 18th century, due to the fish-rich sea outside Vesterålen. In the 1970s, Nyksund was completely abandoned, but today it has had a fresh start with a few permanent residents and a year-round offer for tourists. Work is underway to further develop this location.

Nyksund consists of two islands which are connected by a 65 meter long breakwater.

Queen's route- A marked hiking trail between the historic fishing villages of Nyksund and Stø. Due to bad weather in the area, we didn't have the opportunity to go on this trip now, but I have to go back here too.
The trip is recommended to take the mountain road towards Stø and along the beach towards Nyksund.
There is a nice caravan park on a gravel road to the right just before the bridge over to Nyksund.

Along the outer side of Vesterålen, we stopped by Hovden in perfect weather. Fascinating to look at the beautiful powerful nature we have around us.

This area is a place I need to explore more, but I can see that autumn is starting to turn towards winter in the north and that I have to go home to change the tyres.
In addition, I will get my roof rack, so I can finally take the kayak with me on a trip.

Now I sit and warm myself with the oatmeal and the candles. Good to really feel the small joys that this campervan life gives 🚐🍁

There is so much I haven't caught up with in Northern Norway, so I'm really looking forward to tackling what I haven't caught up with.

Thank you for the trip Thomas, the world's best travel buddy who joins everything that is fun.

The clothes I'm wearing here are: A thin and light down jacket from Twentyfour, headband from Twentyfour, trousers from Fjellreven and the good shoes above from Icebug.

On the trip south, I had been tipped to visit Ingeborgfossen in Botn, a little south of Fauske. A perfect break in driving and a lovely trip.

The trip then went on to Trondheim where I had a super cozy day of climbing and picnicking on the beach together with lovely Siri.

One more thing that had to be done in Trondheim was of course paddling on Nidelva 😀 It was an incredibly nice paddling trip that I really recommend if you are in Trondheim. Then you can hire a kayak so you only need to paddle one way. This was just absolutely magical☀️

Thank you for following me on the road, I hope you can get some tips for trips you want to do yourself😃 Feel free to ask me if you have any questions.


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