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This is the fiiiiiiest thing I've ever seen!!!

With great eagerness and joy, I was to be with guide Bent Eilertsen (Senja Lodge) on a summit trip to Skolpan on the adventure island of Senja.
I knew it would be nice, but I couldn't dream of this for once!

We parked the car and put on our skis. It wasn't many meters before the climb began.

Skolpan is located at 779 meters above sea level, and is a peak where you can take safe route choices that are below 30 degrees throughout the trip.

Det som også er så utrolig fint med Senja er at mange av toppene er overkommelig for de aller fleste, og man trenger ikke gå kilometervis før selve fjellet begynner.

This is truly a paradise for summit hikes!

I was almost speechless with admiration at how beautiful it was when we got to the first peak.
Here we took off our skis and went up the last bit, which actually felt more like being in a fairy tale than in reality.

And the view was no less beautiful when we reached the top.
I get tears in my eyes and get so incredibly happy when I see something so beautiful, so I was probably not the easiest person to bring back down.
And that both in one and the other way. Because I like to go up, but forget that I actually have to go back down too.
So then we didn't make it to the restaurant or to get down while it was still light.

This was simply absolutely amazing!

Vinterlyset gjør det jo så ekstra fint i solnedgangen.

And should you be tempted to travel here, this magical peak is located approximately here on the map.

Do you need a guide to show you the finest peaks on Senja?
Then I definitely recommend Bent Eilertsen at Senja Lodge.

Thank you so much for the trip – It was definitely an experience I will never forget!

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