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With a weather that could hardly be better, it was just a matter of packing our bags and traveling towards Hemsedal and the mountain Nibbi 1741 MOH.

We turned right at Ulsåk onto FV231, just before the center of Hemsedal. Then drove to the left towards Ulsåkstølen mountain hut, drove a little past the mountain hut before the car park was on the left side of the road.

Then it was just a matter of putting on the skis and heading for the top. The track went right by the car park, and there was no doubt where it started, there were tracks from the first meter and we could see the top all the way.
Despite that, it was certainly not a trip we queued for.
We spent just over 2 hours up, at a leisurely pace.


Caroline rented a splitboard from the MOH sports shop in Hemsedal.
God service og bra utstyr. Og ikke minst utrolig mye kult der 😀

Herlig tur som helt klart kan anbefales om du har lyst på en trygg topptur som ikke er for krevende 😀
We took it as a day trip and it went just fine.

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