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If an overnight trip in a hammock tempts you, it is important to bring everything you need with you.
I always look at this list to make sure I catch everything, so maybe it can help you and 😊

In addition to the hammock, you need:
• Sleeping mat (I have Exped down mat 7 m)
•Skinnfel to lay over a sleeping pad
•Sleeping bag (I have Helsport Vestfonna Lady)

For cloth you need:
•Extra change of woolen stilongs/sweater, socks and mittens
•Hat, buff and gloves
•Thick down jacket and waterproof jacket/trousers
•Thick wool sweater

For equipment you need:
•Waterproof packing bags
•First aid items (also include sports tape, plasters for chafing and painkillers.
•Map/compass if unfamiliar terrain
• Sun cream
•Toiletries, antibacterial and toilet paper
•Small scout knife
•Primus or similar
•Enough food and drink
•Cutlery, cup and plate

Nice to have with you:
•Small axe
• Warming bottle (preferably the Nalgene that you also use for a drinking bottle)
• Mosquito repellent in the summer
•Tarp for rain and shelter
•Small multi-tool
•Bag for garbage
•A little twine
•Power bank
•Sheet bag

Then just enjoy the trip ☀️

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