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I've been looking forward to this trip for so long, and it's not without reason 😀⛰🇳🇴
It was a wonderful group of 22 who were to spend the next 24 hours on top of Fanaråken 2068 m.





Fanaråken is Norway's highest tourist cabin, built in the summer of 1934. Here, a three-course dinner is offered that has taken the trip up by helicopter to this magical place in Jotunheimen National Park.
The Jotunheimen Event was supposed to take us safely over the glacier from Sognefjellshytta and to the top, and it turned out that we were to get all the seasons from summer to winter on this trip, which makes it even more spectacular in a beautiful and powerful nature 😍

The summit can be reached both from Sognefjellshytta, Krossbu and Turtagrø.


I was lucky enough to be "dressed up" from inside to outside with clothes and equipment from Twentyfour, to test this out. And with all the seasons we got to experience, I really got to test it out.
I was super happy with everything from good warm mittens, a jacket and woolen clothes that got me to the top through snow and rain without getting wet or cold, and a good pair of trousers and a woolen jumper to change into at the top, etc. So I have to say I'm incredibly happy with everything 😍

I have made a short film clip from the trip which you can see in the video below 🎞😊

Thank you so much for the trip everyone, you are a lovely group 🥰

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