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Otrøya is truly an eldorado for those who like great nature.
We were only going to visit for a short trip to check out Otrøya, but we only had to park the car and stay there for a few days because this was quite a place. Otrøya is an island in Molde municipality, only a short ferry ride away from the mainland.

We parked the first few days at Sandneset camping, a nice place with everything we needed. It probably means a view towards the sea 😉

Then it was just a matter of enjoying the trips on this lovely island and the surrounding area:

Digergubben 527 m above sea level:
The first evening we went up the Midsund Stairs and to Digergubben 527 m above sea level. A trip with a high degree of facilitation with a stone-paved staircase, built by Sherpas from Nepal.
Directly at the bottom of the top, there is a hammock park where you can get a truly magical view of the sea and the sunset. (Nb: An appointment must be booked to spend the night in the hammock park).
It was absolutely worth the trip up here, and it really only added flavor to mountain walks on this fine island.

Otrøya across, 16 km and 5 peaks:
This trip that is. It was so incredibly varied and beautiful throughout the trip that I really have no words for how nice it was.

Parking: There was well signposted parking for Rørsethornet (which is the first peak) along the main road.

From there we walked across the road before new Sherpa stairs started. Really impressive both the stairs and the view.
The path ahead was well marked and I would say that this is one of the most beautiful things I have seen.
The first peak we reached was Rørsethornet 659 m above sea level. From here you can go down again and have a truly magical trip, but with this start I just wanted to keep going.
The next peaks were no worse than the first – Ræstadhornet 729 masl, Grøtet 698 masl, Opstadhornet 737 masl and finally Heggdalshornet 684 masl.
I definitely think it was best to go this way, then you get a gentler descent in the end.

If you weren't tempted by these pictures, I can promise you that it was even better in reality!
The walk is well marked all the way.

Have a nice trip 🙂


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