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Everything was packed and ready for a new trip after a change in the habit between summer and winter equipment 🚐😃

I sat in the car on my way to Sweden and Østerlen, where I have heard that it will be incredibly nice 🌼
I hadn't got this far before good news on TV2 called me and asked if I wanted to be part of the live broadcast which was at 18.00. I couldn't say no to that, so I drove down to Oslo City Center where I had an incredibly pleasant visit from TV2 😊

Take a look at the link below if you'd rather watch a short film clip from the trip to Østerlen, than read on 😉

I stopped by Falkenberg to visit my girlfriend. Falkenberg is a lovely little place with both a spa, fantastic beaches and a cozy little town.

It's so incredibly nice to wake up in the habit, open the doors and enjoy a breakfast 🚐🌼
A bit of work is needed in the busy life, but it's really just nice. I thought that with so much sea around me, I had to try washing dishes in the sea, and it actually worked perfectly👌

Along the cozy seafront in Falkenberg, this small coffee shop had settled in. I met the owners, a lovely couple, from Sweden and Portugal. They had rebuilt the van and made it into a coffee bar ☕️🚐 It's so incredibly wonderful to meet other people and hear the stories.
If you are visiting Falkenberg, which is absolutely recommended, I would definitely recommend Falkenberg Strandbad as well, which has been voted Sweden's best spa. Not without reason, it lies right down to an absolutely beautiful beach.

Right next to the Falkenberg beach bath, there are countless small nice places where you can enjoy yourself all day. It was so cozy here that I had to try to sleep under the open sky one night 🌟

After a few days here and then went on to Helsingborg, before heading towards beautiful Østerlen.
Østerlen is located in south-eastern Scania and is known for its beautiful nature.

Not long after I had driven into Østerlen, the finest rapeseed fields appeared, and the whole atmosphere here was so calm that it felt like entering a completely different world of calm 🌸

In Østerlen, there are countless opportunities to both enjoy, play and enjoy good local food, with ingredients that come straight from nearby farms.
I must also mention the beaches here, because they are in a row. One nicer than the other 😍😍

I definitely have to explore this place more 😃
Hope you join me on the trip and that you get some good tips if you are in the area yourself 🥰

Thank you very much for following me, I really appreciate that 🌼🥰

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