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Are you looking for great experiences in Norway? Then I would definitely recommend Nedstrand. One of the things that makes this place something very special is that it is reminiscent of a cozy southern idyll, but at the same time you have the mountains only a stone's throw away, where the view can hardly be described but must be experienced.
This place really didn't make me want to leave again.

Nedstrand is a town in Tysvær municipality in Rogaland, with approximately 900 inhabitants. The climate here is often better than Western Norway in general and the temperature here is often 7-8 degrees warmer than in Haugesund, which is about 45 minutes' drive away.

Nedstrand lies with its back to the north wind and its face towards the sun and sea.

Here you can enjoy the beaches or take a stroll along the water to Leirå lighthouse, with a great view of the Nedstrandfjorden. There are several beaches to choose from, whether you want to be completely to yourself on a cozy little beach, or visit the fine sandy beach right next to the car park by the path to the lighthouse.

If you could imagine a trip up some of the great peaks in the area, there is plenty to choose from here and. You can drive up to Holekleiv, or you can stroll along the cozy winding little asphalt road with white-painted houses up to a view you can enjoy all day.

If you want to go higher, I can certainly recommend Himakånå (small Trolltunga) 357 m and Stølanuten 578 m, both of which have a magnificent view you won't soon forget.
The trip to Himakåna is about 2 km and here it is a nice gravel road all the way. There is a path further up to Stølanuten. If you want to spend the night at the top, there is nothing to stop you.
Bring a sleeping bag and sleeping mat, and you can enjoy both the sunset over the mountains and the sunrise over the sea from here.
If you want a longer trip, you can continue from Stølanuten to Rossafjell, Skrubburdnuten and finally Dalvanuten. This trip takes about 5-7 hours. It is well marked all the way.

You park at the Jokerbutikken in Hinderåvåg, and from here it is not long along the road before you turn left and the journey up towards the top begins. It is well marked all the way. The trip to Himakånå is also well explained on

You can order a packed lunch for the trip (which, by the way, tastes incredibly good) throughout the summer by calling 40874104, or it can be bought directly in Colonialen by the Joker shop in the car park.

The picture below is from Himakånå.

Nedstrand has more to offer: You should definitely get the taste of Lie Gaard with you. Sigrid and Oskar refine and sell nature's wild plants.

See more about Lie Gaard in the link below:

Not to mention Nedstrand brewery. If you like beer, you should definitely try this. In fact, you may not need to be that fond of beer once to like this beer.
Here you can taste everything from blueberry and tropical to licorice.

See more about Nedstrand Bryggeri in the link below:

I visited two places during the trip and both places served incredibly good food.

Café Nais right by the pier, which serves good traditional dishes and has a pleasant reception. I chose salmon, and I did not regret it. Here you can also buy a tasty dessert.

Colonial is a café right next to the Jokerbutikken in Hindervåg. Chef Ørjan, who runs the place here this summer, really knows his stuff.

We were given a sample of a special order from Hetland Gård, with a hamburger made from Wagu meat. This tasted incredibly good.

Bakkevig Gard towards Liarvåg sells strawberries along the road, which you should definitely stop by to taste.

If you want to go on a salmon safari, this is also possible until 15/7.
Registration on phone 91191825 or send a message to Nedstrandsvekst on FB.

Nedstrand also has one of the country's oldest wooden buildings. This is stated at the Nedstrand Bygdemuseum, and here you can see, among other things, the restored Tollboda from 1549, and hear about its exciting history.

There are three campsites in the area – Stuvik, Nedstrand holiday center and Sandvik camping.

Joker Nedstrand also rents out apartments, these are popular in the summer so it may be a good idea to book early.

High and low - the climbing park is also absolutely worth a trip to.
Here you can even spend the night in the middle of the climbing park on glamping.

Is it any wonder that you fall in love with this place?

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