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After a long weekend at Senja, I completely fell in love with this place.

I was lucky enough to meet Bent at Senja Lodge & Mountainguides who was going to show me some of what Senja has to offer this weekend in November.

En mektig, vill og vakker natur ventet meg 🙂

I took the boat from Tromsø to Finnsnes, where I was picked up, and looked forward like a youngster to arriving at Senja Lodge & Mountainguides in Mefjordvær, where I was going to stay.
A wonderful place with an atmosphere completely out of the ordinary.

De neste dagene ventet et eventyr jeg sent vil glemme 🤩⛰🥾🥳🧗

Among other things, we were going up Snaufjellet, which would turn out to be one of the finest peaks I have ever climbed.
Here you get an incredible amount of views for relatively little effort.
There is some short and easy climbing on this route, so it is worth noting.

Not to mention the beaches here, there is nothing else to say other than that it is a beautiful sight.

There hadn't been any snow yet and then it was free for some extra climbing, which I wasn't sorry for.
With headlamps and searchlights, we set off to the nearby climbing area.
En utrolig kul opplevelse 😀

And what could be cozier than sitting down by the fire with the thermos and something good to eat after the climb

It is wonderful to just stroll along the water on rocky outcrops and rumble a little when a suitable rock also appears.

Ikke vanskelig å kose seg her, det er helt sikkert 🙂

Tusen takk for en uforglemmelig opplevelse på fantastiske Senja 😀

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