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If I was speechless after the previous day from fjord to mountain, I am even more speechless after the next few days in the area around Luster.

We had a lot more to experience here, and when even the accommodation becomes an experience, it's no wonder that I fall completely in love with this place 😀

We drove past the coziest little Glamping place at Døsen Gard and I thought that we need to take a closer look at this place.
I didn't regret it, because this was really something all by itself.

No wonder we didn't want to leave this lovely place 😀

But we had an exciting trip in store with Icetroll. They were going to take us to Nigardsbreen, a glacier arm of Jostedalsbreen. Here we were to paddle across Nigardsbrevatnet before the trip went up to the glacier.

After an exciting and completely magical day with Icetroll (Glacier adventures in Norway) and their skilled guides, this day also became something very special that I will never forget.
I can definitely recommend a trip with this company.

Another day in Luster is over, and I'm looking forward to even more adventures in this place, which has become one of my favorite places 😀

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