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One of the coziest things I know is when my girls join me on a trip, then the day is complete❤️
So then it was just a matter of packing the bag and going to the nearest small peak.
We didn't go any further than Sølvsberget, and it can't take more than about 20 minutes to go up there from the car park. Absolutely perfect for a small family trip 🥰👩‍👧‍👧

And with cheese sandwiches and marshmallows in the bag, all you had to do was find a small campfire and light the fire🔥☕️🥪

Also the wooden tent, it's just so unbelievably cool. I love it!
No ants and small bugs get into the tent, and you just lie perfectly in it.
This tent is from Tentsile and can, among other things, be ordered at

It's so incredibly good to be out and enjoy yourself with the ones you love, it's joy 💞🥰

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