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ENDELIG skulle jeg få oppleve Lofoten 😀
I've wanted that for a long time, so I looked forward to it like a youngster.

Vi ankom Svolvær med båt fra Skutvik, og skulle reise litt rundt for å utforske aktiviteter på dette fantastiske stedet 😀

Svolvær has a lot of exciting things to offer, and we chose an eagle safari with rib and then climb Svolværgeita from the front.

I was a bit skeptical about whether we would even get to see eagles up close, but I thought I'd give it a chance, and I certainly didn't regret it!

We were driven into the Trollfjord and experienced sea eagles up close.

We chose to use Lofoten Explorer, and would happily use them again. They knew exactly where the sea eagles were, and they had a lot of knowledge.


Then it was straight from the eagle safari to SVOLVÆRGEITA, something I had been looking forward to since I knew I would have to climb up.

(The picture is from the back which is the most common way up).
Here you climb all the way to the top on the right horn.
Photo above: Vegard - In the Wild.

I was no less excited when I learned that it was possible to climb the front, which was a far more spectacular wall to climb than the back.
But I can't help it and try something when I get the chance, so then I just had to go for the front.

And straight up it went, so to speak!

In between lengths of rope, it was possible to enjoy the view towards Svolvær and have a short break before the next length of rope started.

For en følelse å nå toppen, det var bare helt sykt 😀

I can say that there wasn't exactly a dance floor at the top, so I held on tight and didn't feel too big!


Then it was just abseiling again down the back.

What a trip, I'll never forget it.
There was varied climbing and 5 rope lengths, which was an experience from start to top.

We had been recommended Vegard as a guide. He runs the company I Fri Natur, and is an incredibly skilled guide/driver who really knows his stuff.

Dette var rett og slett helt sykt 😀

After Svolværgeita, it wasn't long up to Djevelporten and on to Fløya, which is a super nice hike with spectacular views at the top (590 m above sea level).

Så var det bare å glede seg over turen ned igjen med en herlig utsikt, og noen trapper som er en opplevelse i seg selv 🙂

LOOKING FORWARD to several days here!

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