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I couldn't go to Lofoten without trying to surf, it's so much fun 😀

The picture is from Lofoten Beach Camp.

First stop was Unstad Arctic surf. Here, in addition to enjoying a fantastic beach, you can rent a cabin or stay on the beach for a small sum.
What a place!
You can rent a surfboard and wetsuit if you don't already have this.
Included in the rental price, you also get to use a cloakroom/shower and, not least, an incredibly comfortable jacuzzi and sauna.
I can't help but mention the cinnamon buns here either, they taste absolutely heavenly and in any case after a day at the sea.

(The picture in the sauna is from

The beach is incredibly beautiful and surfers come here from all over the world to surf all year round.
In the summer there are often significantly smaller waves here, although they were more than big enough for me.


But the coziest place was probably Lofoten beach Camp according to my taste. A small camping/tent site where they had a service that made me absolutely want to come here again.
Here there were great surfboards for beginners and wetsuits to hire, and the place itself was very cosy.
The waves are mostly a little smaller here than at Unstad, which suited me perfectly.

Here you can enjoy the whole day on the beach, and when evening comes you can see the midnight sun lying over the water on the horizon.

What could be better than wrapping yourself in a duvet/sleeping bag after a long day at the beach, sitting and enjoying the view with a basket of Norwegian strawberries and just relaxing.


Lofoten beach camp was not a long drive away from the mountain Ryten either, which is an absolute must see. It's a short hike up, and I probably didn't spend more than an hour up at a leisurely pace.
It is well signposted for parking and Ryten, so it is not difficult to find this lovely place. You can see the top right from the start.
The view is disturbingly beautiful all the way up from all sides.

Before the last bend up to the top, there is a path to the left (which you can just see in the left corner of the picture above) where you can choose to go down to Kvalvika beach as you see in the picture.
A beach you can't drive to, which perhaps makes it even more special.
You can bring a tent here and spend the night on the beach if you want.
The top is a spectacle in itself, so you should definitely bring it with you.
There is plenty of room for accommodation at the top too, with a large plateau.

And if you haven't used up your energy on the way up, you can hang around at the top 😉

For a few days, Lofoten is just absolutely fantastic!

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