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It didn't take long before I wanted to return again to Senja and Mefjordvær... So I got on a plane on a late November day, and was very much looking forward to returning to this lovely place where the hospitality is great, and the first thing that greets you at the door on the way in is: This is a small house with a big welcome! Which is definitely true.

Cozy Mefjord weather in drizzly weather, with glimpses of the mighty mountains behind.

Cloudy weather was reported right up until the day before I was due to leave, but then it suddenly changed.... Senja wanted to show herself from a side with a lot of wind and rain. But that didn't make my impression of Senja any worse, but rather even better.

Bent from Senja Lodge & Mountainguides knows Senja like the back of his hand and had no problems finding the best spots regardless of the weather, and the trips just got even more spectacular.
So, with headlamps and a great sense of adventure, we went for a walk in wild and beautiful nature.

Here with a view to Gryllefjord, a small settlement on the far side of the sea gap.

Another trip that made me feel eternally grateful for experiencing this was in the group between Hesten and Segla.
No matter where you turn, it's like an adventure.

The pictures below with Segla in the background.

And if you turn around, there is a fantastic view towards Senjahopen and Mefjordvær.

It's not just the mountains here that capture my enthusiasm. I never tire of the beaches here with their turquoise water and mighty mountains behind. Not least the fresh air of hearing the waves hitting the beach, makes me completely captivated and time just stops.
Even in the dark this place is absolutely beautiful!

An exciting trip along the fjord made an impression. After a good 4 km along the fjord, this sight met us...
On 11 January 1954, the English ship Kingston Aqvamarine was completely wrecked in a blizzard. The crew of 21 people on board survived and were cared for by local people, and since then the ship has lain here as a reminder of how rough the sea can be.

Once back home after an absolutely magical trip, I can't help but miss Senja, and I'll probably go back as soon as I get the chance again.
And if I haven't become addicted to adventure and fantastic nature before, I certainly did now 😉

Thank you again for another unforgettable trip!

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