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From the age of 40, we lose as much as between 0.5 and 2% of our muscle mass every year and twice as much of our strength, if we do not train/be active.

Hormonal changes (testosterone levels and estrogen) contribute to "shrinking" the muscles. This is one of the reasons why strength training is so important.

Average fitness decreases by around 6% for every decade, if we do not exercise fitness.

We are often more stressed mentally than physically... Exercise helps!

With 30-40 kcal per kg of body weight per day, you keep your weight stable.
This of course varies with activity level, medication and from person to person. But it can be a small clue.
And the most important thing, of course, is that you get healthy calories. Both carbohydrates, healthy fats, proteins and, of course, plenty of vegetables are important for a healthy body and top.

As much as 80% of the added sugar we consume comes from whole and semi-finished products. This means that it is not the sugar on, for example, the porridge that is the biggest problem, with the so-called "hidden" sugar in everything from sweetened yoghurt to spreads etc.

Diet and exercise are closely linked, find a good balance in everyday life.
Correct diet and recovery together with training make you stronger, both physically and mentally.

Enjoy the day 🥰☀️

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