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I had heard about this very special trip on a path along vertical mountain walls, in El Chorro about 60 km northwest of Malaga. And when we were suddenly here and saw an advertisement for this trip, we just had to try it! 😃
And with the "bathing caps", helmets and rain poncho on, we were ready 😆

Caminito del Rey is an impressive 3 km long path built up to the rock wall in the Gaitanes gorge ⛰ The path is partly free-hanging in the rock wall more than 100 m above the ground. This very special path was built at the beginning of the 20th century and was made for the workers who were supposed to supervise two hydroelectric plants in the area. The path was opened by King Alfonso, and hence the name Caminito del Rey, which means the king's little path.

An exciting bridge takes us over the gorge to the last part of the trip.

I thought we would rent a car and go there ourselves, but after a bit more research we found out that the trip didn't start and end at the same place. We therefore found a bus from TUI that was supposed to go here, and got on them. Very good, and it wouldn't have cost more than renting a car with an entrance ticket either.

The trip started on a wide path with a view of the incredibly beautiful and turquoise river Guadalhorces.

After the march along the river, the path began to narrow and we were on our way into the gorge.


The path has been named one of the world's most dangerous hiking paths until it was renovated and completed in 2015. Especially after parts of the less than one meter narrow path crumbled and several people died.
So it was perfectly fine to walk on the upper path (in the pictures below) we knew 🙏

It was an impressive building and incredibly beautiful nature throughout the 3 kilometers 😍
The trip was absolutely worth taking, but if you have a fear of heights, it might be better to choose another trip.

Once again, I am so incredibly impressed by nature's masterpiece and enjoy every meter 😍⛰
But, now several places in the Malaga area must be checked out because this seems like an incredibly exciting area 🧐

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