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On the way to Tysvær, it was not a long detour to drive through Bondhusdalen in Sunndal to go to Bondhusvatnet.

This is not a long trip, so in around 45 minutes on a nice dirt road along the river you will be at this beautiful water. There are plenty of nice places to sit down here.
You can also continue to the other side of the water, where there is a nice campsite right down by the water below Bondhusbreen.

You're probably not alone here, but a nice trip anyway.

From the car park you can choose to go to Fonnabu or Breidablikk in the beautiful Folgefonna National Park.
These are longer trips.

On the road further along RV13 in Oddadalen (valley of waterfalls) lies the famous twin waterfall Låtefoss. With a drop height of 165 m, and a force that causes the water spray to stand like a shower over the road, this is definitely worth taking along.

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