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Ånderdalen National Park in beautiful Senja is absolutely worth a visit.

Here you will find, among other things, Ånderbu and the charming little gammen Åndergammen, between mountains and forest. From here there are countless opportunities to go to peaks such as:

Blåfjellet 699 m
Kolkjerka 653
Henrikshovudet 854 m

We parked at Naustneset by Hyttekroa (the entrance to the national park), then followed the marked path into Åndergammen 7 km from the car park.

Åndergammen is a newly restored gamme that you almost have to experience to appreciate how wonderful this place is. There is a small kitchenette, wood-burning stove and 2 bedside tables with sleeping mats on them. And it is almost impossible not to be happy in this place.

Right outside the gammon there is a cozy little fire place with a fire pan.

Ånerbu is only about 1 km from the gammen (6 km from the car park) and is a cozy little cabin situated by Lake Åndervatnet in the heart of the national park. Here there is a small kitchen with everything you might need, in addition to a wood-burning stove. There is no cover either here or in the gammon, so here you can enjoy a cabin trip in complete peace and quiet from the outside world.
Ånderbu is a Statskog cabin that is open to everyone. There is no booking system and first come, first serve, but you have to give way to other visitors after a night. There are three beds in the cabin.
Actually, I probably didn't want to leave here at all. It's just absolutely magical to have that feeling of being at one with nature.

In addition to the peaks you can go to from Ånderbu/Åndergammen, you can also continue to the outer side of Senja where you get a view of majestic mountains and the ocean.
(Ved sistnevnte utflukt bør du få parkert en bil ved start, og en der du kommer ned). En av rutene du kan gå er over passet mellom Kolkjerka og Henrikshovudet.

Blue triangle on the map: Ånderbu
Red triangle on the map: Åndergammen

I will definitely return to this beautiful place!

The guide for this trip was Bent Vidar Eilertsen, who runs Senja Lodge, he knows all of Senja inside out and you will be looking for a more skilled guide for a long time.
If you are considering going to Senja, I can without a doubt recommend him as a guide.

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