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Hello again ☺️
So incredibly nice of you to join us on the trip 🥰
Right now we are sitting and enjoying some proper Italian pizza and watching some Norwegian TV.

As the days go by here in the north of Lake Garda, specifically Torbole, I realize that this really is the paradise I've dreamed of somewhere 😍
We have now been here for several weeks and we have not experienced a fraction of everything that can be experienced here in the Trentino region.
But, since the previous post, we have had several fantastically wonderful experiences in the area here.

There have been a few more bike trips here as well, and one trip is as nice as the other. Perfect for those who also want to ride an electric bike. Whether it's in really challenging terrain or on easy gravel roads. Here there is something suitable for everyone.

The cycle ride up to Cima Larici is a must. The trip is about 800 meters in height and about 27 km round trip.
I didn't think it was possible to be nicer than the other bike tours we've cycled here, but yes, this was also simply a must to take with you.
The start of this trip is the same as the road up towards Lago Di Ledro from Riva Del Garda, as mentioned in the previous post I posted.
After the restaurant, we turned left instead of right and the road really only got nicer. There were no cars up the small asphalt road that wound its way up the mountainside, with Lake Garda on one side and the high mountains on the other.

After a good while uphill with an indescribable view, a cozy village appeared, named Pregasina. It wasn't a very big village far up in the mountains, but still they've got an incredibly cozy restaurant, so we had to stop by and try the food.

After a large and good potion of pasta, it continued up towards the summit Cima Larici.

This view was really worth the trip 😍
We parked the bikes a short distance below the summit and walked up the last few metres. The view that awaited at the top was like a photograph.

There is no doubt that this is a seven-wheeler paradise, but it is not the only one, because this is really also a climbing paradise 😀
So then it was time to go straight to Arco, the incredibly cozy town just 5 km north of Torbole. Here, all you had to do was buy a book about the climbing routes in the area as quickly as possible ⛰
In this small, cozy town, there are a lot of climbing shops, yes, that's pretty much the only thing in this town 🥳🤩

It had to go as it did, we were in the shops until they closed because this was a shop's dream. But…. with the space we have left to fill up with things and clothes in the car, there was barely enough room for a book, so we could only dream away in the shops 😅
And after a pizza and ice cream, it was just a matter of getting back before it got dark. The pizza at Pizzeria Pace in Arco is really worth trying. And the ice cream in Italy is in a class of its own, so there has been a lot of ice cream here 🍦

The next day was climbing, and I could hardly wait. It's a dream to be in a place like this 😍
With as many climbing walls in the climbing guide as there are in an old telephone directory, it was enough to take off 😃 However, there are some of the routes in the book where the easiest routes are quite polished, so we tried to steer clear of them. But there was probably something else to take off 😃
And among olive trees and cozy roads, one fine wall after another appears.

The first place we checked out was this. At the second tunnel south from Torbole, this climbing area is right next to the road, so it was no problem to spot it.

Just a stone's throw from Arco is the Massone climbing area. Here there are about 180 routes to frolic in, with all degrees of difficulty. Everything from 4a to 9a distributed over several sectors. So with lots of food and drink in the bag and lots of fun routes, we stayed here until it got dark.

Also this place then, Belvedere in Nago. It can't get much better than that! A sea of ​​routes to choose from here too, and a fantastic view of Lake Garda.

This place was definitely one of my favorite places too, Regina Del Lago. It is located on the north-west side of Lake Garda and has lots of nice routes and is absolutely fantastic with a view of Lake Garda here too when you get a little up the wall.

And with the Jetboilen on the trip, it's no problem to boil water and heat some good food and coffee.

Back from the trips, I have to get my daily dose of hammock 😅

And even more hammock

Even though it is October, it is 19 degrees in the water and it is incredibly nice to take an evening bath. Lake Garda is also Italy's largest lake and lies 65 meters above sea level. At its deepest, it is 346 m, so it can also be colder in the water at this time if the cold currents from the bottom come up.

We were lucky enough to be given a tour of the area by Swiss Franz who has been staying here for many years. We drove up to Passo Santa Barbara, a small village at the top of the mountain pass. It is also possible to cycle here. Through many hairpin bends, 12.7 km and 1170 meters of altitude, you are at the top of the pass, which can also be cycled down the other side for a nice lap.
But this time we were going from Santa Barbara up to Monte Creino, not so many more meters of altitude, but with a unique view of Lake Garda.
And with these nice autumn colors and the mountains in the background, I got to feel a bit of autumn despite the fact that it's well over 20 degrees by the sea 🍁

Cima Monte Creino 1290 m

Here, as in so many other places in the area, there are lots of memories from the war, with bunkers and civilians galore. This is also the reason why there are so many nice paths/roads for cycling here, as they had to transport cannons and other things up to the peaks and had to make small roads that are used by cyclists and hikers today.
The picture below is from a bunker just below the top.

After a nice day, there is nothing cozier than enjoying the evening down by the water's edge and watching the sun go down behind the mountains 🥰

And after a fantastic day in the mountains, it's early night 😴

Thank you for following along on the trip, I hope you'll continue along and that you've got some good ideas for what you can do in this area, if you're ever going to come here ☺️ Feel free to ask me if you're going to the area and have any questions 😃
Below are some tips and pictures that I just had to attach as well 🥰

I really recommend this bike workshop Lab8, the service here is incredibly good and the person who runs it really knows what he is doing.

Incredibly lovely to just enjoy quiet days down here by Lake Garda too 🏖

The picture below is from a bike ride on the way up to Monte Baldo. Here, from about 800 meters above sea level, there is a cozy place to stop with a really nice view of Riva Del Garda.

Between Riva Del Garda and Torbole, along the sea, you will find the finest parks and small cozy spaces 🌼

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