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Bakers' paradise in Lauvvik and Flørli in Lysefjorden

These little gems of places, the hospitality and the whole atmosphere can hardly be described.

We were first taken to a small paradise at the start of the Lysefjord - Baker's Paradise. It takes around 20 minutes to drive here, or you can get here via the boat route.

Bakernes paradis has a charming little cafe, and is a place you will never want to leave again. Here you can spend the night in your hammock, all you have to do is find a nice spot in the garden. You can park your motorhome in the car park, or you can just stay here all day and enjoy the wonderful place this is.

Furthermore, we were taken to a little gem of a place far into the Lysefjorden, Flørli. It is only possible to get here by boat, and this is where you will find the spectacular Flørlitrappene - 4444 steps straight to the top of the mountain.

A good distance up the stairs you meet this small café. I took a look at the opening hours under the sign and it said:
Open - a rare occasion!
Så det kan være lurt med en liten matpakke 😉

Back down from the mountain, you can choose to go another way, so you get a round. Nothing to complain about the view down again either.
It might be wise to calculate around 4 hours on this trip.
You can probably count on 1.5 – 2 hours up if you are going to take some pictures and stop a bit on the way up.

You can't go to this place without taking what has to be the coziest and most unique suite I've ever seen. Bit small and completely to itself is this cozy suite. Where there is only room for a double bed. The view from the small suite is absolutely indescribable, so you just have to come here to see it.
There are also several other accommodation options in this lovely little place.

These wonderful places will be included in some of the trips we are making in Norway. Here there is something completely unique and a hospitality that you rarely experience the likes of.

An experience I will soon forget, and which I have an incredible desire to share with more people.

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