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After Lindesnes we headed west towards Åna-Sira in Flekkefjord municipality.

Here you will find the tiny charming place Roligheten right down by the fjord.

From here the trip starts towards Brufjell and Brufjellhålene, something we really wanted to take with us. The trip is no more than about 2.5 km one way, but the terrain is sometimes steep and hilly along the beautiful coastal landscape so it is worth spending some time here.
The trail is well marked throughout.

From the top you have a lovely view out to sea, and you can make out a small beach called Sandviga, which it is perfectly possible to walk down to.

Once at the top, you can choose to continue down to the potholes where the very special natural phenomenon is located, which is truly a sight for the eyes. The potholes were created during the Ice Age. Waves and ice slowly dug into the rocks and created the potholes. Really worth seeing.

On the way down the steepest part towards the potholes, strong iron rods have been drilled into the mountain side that you can both stand on and hold on to.

Some useful information at the end:
There is a large paved car park right at the start of the tour.
The walk is well marked all the way from the car park, so it is almost impossible to go wrong.
You are welcome to set aside approximately 4 hours for this trip.
On good weather days there may be a queue to enter the largest of the potholes.

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