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Last autumn I took a DNA test from My Heritage. I ordered online from the US and thought it was a bit exciting to see where I came from, even though I thought I had some idea. But….. I hadn't!! When I excitedly opened the package after a few weeks of waiting, I got a real shock, so to speak. My two closest family members on My Heritage said they were from England, and that they were possibly an aunt and cousin. I was about to fall off the sofa, because I had never heard that I had any family in England.
I got so curious and sent them a message and it didn't take long before I got a reply
After some incredibly cozy messages with lots of pictures from our common grandfather from Germany and the family, we found out that we had to meet!
And on December 30th we got on the plane to London to meet my new family ❤️ I was so excited I was about to burst.
And after about an hour's train ride, the train stopped at Whitstable, and I felt my heart beat faster. When I got off the train, a lady came running towards me and threw herself around my neck, it was my cousin ❤️ Never before have I experienced a welcome like this

We were lucky enough to be together with my new family for nine days

First we were going to see a bit of the town we were in. Whitstable is a cozy little town in the Kent area. Here there are many cozy shops, eateries and not least a long beach line. Whitstable is particularly famous for its oysters, and in this beautiful seaside town they also have their own oyster festival.

Another cozy city we visited was Canterbury, which was definitely worth seeing with its cozy buildings and places to eat

Then we were going to visit a place I had been looking forward to since I heard about it, and that was the White Cliffs of Dover.
It was an incredibly nice trip to the South Foreland lighthouse, just under an hour's walk. At times it felt like walking on a green carpet while the view of the white chalk cliffs and the sea made the whole trip an adventure. The limestone cliffs have a height of up to 107 meters and in some places it was also possible to walk down a small path down to the black flint beach. Incredibly cool

So many amazing experiences and new impressions that it can hardly be described

A small training session was needed where Colin showed one of his good sessions

Then we were invited to a proper English Afternoon tea in London. Here, cakes and sandwiches were served on a pirate ship together with tea, where the view was over the whole of London. This is a cool experience, like everything else we've had the chance to experience here

After nine unforgettable days, the trip is over and I am left with memories to last a lifetime

I have no words for how happy I am that I took this test and found my family ❤️ And little sweet Millie 🐾

Thank you very much for following me on the trip


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