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After walking the Caminito del Rey, there is no doubt that there is also a lot of exciting things to explore along Spain's sunny coast ☀️

We found a perfect flight ticket with hotel and half-board included for two weeks, so then it was just a matter of jumping on that offer while our home on wheels (Hjulius) was left in Norway. I have to admit that I'm not too happy in October and November in the darkest time before the snow comes, so if I get the chance I'll take a trip to warmer areas right at this time.
And after I've sold the house and live in the car, this trip, with everything included, actually didn't cost more than the interest I paid each month on the mortgage. It just had to be mentioned 😅
But now, enough about that and on to the trip 🇪🇸☀️ The weather was reported to be terrible, and that was a plus 😍 But anyway, good temperature and not least just having a hotel room with a toilet and shower was a luxury in an ordinary life 😅

We stayed at Alua Sun Lago Rojo in Torremolinos, a nice hotel with super nice large rooms and good food. The service was also fantastic, but then I guess Spaniards are generally very nice.
I hadn't been here since I was little, so coming back to the place where I have so many good memories from was incredibly nice 🥰 Maybe that's where my wanderlust came from ❤️

Although there was no bike rental nearby, cycling is a must, so we found a bike rental (Fast Monkey, which was very good) and had a fantastic ride up to the masts right at the back of Torremolinos, called Mijas 🚴 ♀️
There was a bit of traffic at the start, but eventually it only got nicer and nicer, and the last kilometers were absolutely fantastic with beautiful nature and a view of the sea 😍 But... as usual, I let myself be fooled by the fact that it didn't look hard, but it was a tough hill 🤪 From the bike shop to the top it was about 18 km and 982 meters of altitude. From the top, we could take another route down and cycle as far as we could. One thing is certain and that is that it might be a good idea to save some powder for the last 5 km 💪 But mountain biking is so much fun 🤩

And if we are near the sea and a beach, there is no doubt that the beach should be enjoyed as much as possible with strength training, swimming and just enjoying the view and the sound of waves 💙

It was also super cozy to visit Elliot (Christian's son) who works in the area 🥰

We were told that Europe's southernmost ski resort (on the mainland) is not a long drive away, so all that was left to do was hire a car and drive to Sierra Nevada. Just under two hours later we were there 🎿 There had been some snow here, but the ski center doesn't open until 1 December, so then it was just a matter of going for a short walk in the area. From a height of 3,398 meters above sea level, you can enjoy both red, black and blue runs from the mountain Veleta. The facility is supposed to be one of the most modern in Europe, and there is no doubt that we will have to go back and check this out ⛷

Another place to check out was the Alhambra (Red Palace) in Granada. The castle was built between the years 1248 and 1354. Today, the fortress is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is one of Spain's biggest tourist attractions, and I can understand that after seeing this unique structure. I'm not usually one of those people who travel around to look at historic buildings, but I'd rather go for a bike ride in the mountains. But this was so impressive, as big as a whole village and really worth seeing! But remember your passport or ID card when you go in, otherwise you won't get in.

Then it was time to go back to winter with Christmas celebrations and a lot of exciting things happening in the future, but a bath in the sunrise was needed before we went to the airport 🏖
And at the very end, I would like to thank you for following us on the trip, I really appreciate it 🥰 I hope you have a great time before Christmas with lots of joy and coziness 🎄❤️ And if you have nothing to do or feel like do something completely different, you are always welcome to join us on our trip, wherever it goes 🚌🥳⛰🚴‍♀️🧗🍦⛷🛶☀️🏖

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