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My little dream of having a wood stove in the car was about to come true 🔥

This is a full-fledged stone-set and clean-burning convection oven made of steel.
H 47cm, W 24cm, D 24cm.
Weight 32 kg
From 1.8-4 kw

A pipe (removable) has been made, which goes about 50 cm above the roof to avoid sooting on the car. This is easy to lift off when driving.

The pipe is made of steel, the same material as the stove is made of. It is insulated with fire-retardant insulation in 3 layers before sheathing.

I followed the entire process along the way, and this is a bit of a craft.

The pipe is welded to exactly the right dimensions to fit perfectly into the car.
I had a metal plate made to fit the car's roof. Steel pipes were then welded above and below, which should fit exactly to the removable pipe above and to the pipe from the stove below. So it was just a matter of stepping on this through the hole in the roof.

The picture below when the pipe is insulated and ready for sheathing.

And finally I could go camping without it getting cold in the car.
However, I never fire at night and am always present so I have full control over the stove. I also never blast fire as it takes a lot of light fire to get a good heat.

Thanks to Ronny Ekeberg who helped to make this happen 🙏☺️

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