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Still enjoying the van life. The only scary thing is that this life is highly addictive, so I guess I'll never be normal again if I ever was 🥳🚐

It was almost a little sad to leave from Havkanten, but the trip was going to continue north, so then it was just a matter of getting on the ferry from Havkanten.

Neste stopp var Bodø, men med skikkelig møkkavær så ble det en tur innom Spektrum Velvære istedet for utelivet. Et herlig sted med både svømmehall, badstuer og jacuzzi ute. Litt luksus i campervanlivet må til 🛀🤩

Since the weather wasn't looking its best, I took the boat over to Moskenes in Lofoten and found a perfect place to park.

At Lofoten Beach camp, the surfboard was waiting. I've long wanted to try and surf in the winter and finally I was going to get the chance 😃🏄‍♀️
It is also incredibly cool that Christian has joined the trip and wants to join everything that is fun.

Lofoten that is... It's a playground of its own 🤩

Can't get much better when the northern lights peek out too💙

Super fine weather and little wind was reported the next day and then it was just a matter of getting ready for a summit trip. A short drive north of Svolvær is the summit Sautinden🎿🏔

After about an hour we were up on this lovely peak. Words can't really describe this trip, it just has to be experienced.

After a very nice walk during the day, the trip went to Skårungen Camping.
Here they had created such an incredibly cozy space down on the pier with a steam room and a sauna. Super cozy place not far from Svolvær.
Here they have cabins for hire or great pitches for camper vans as well.

I could have stayed in Lofoten for a long time, but then the journey continues north towards Tromsø and new adventures await.

Thank you very much for the now beautiful Lofoten


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