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I have put a lot of time and money into this project, so it is definitely possible to make a super nice car without spending as much money and work on it as I have done. But I thought it might be nice to share exactly what my costs around the car have been.

Here is a small overview:

- Carpentry work and some of the materials NOK. 196,000

- Worktop, cabinet fronts for kitchen/wardrobe and table are recycled materials from a new floor that had to be thrown away due to small faults, so this has cost nothing.

- Work as an electrician, electrical equipment such as downlights, power supplies, equipment for gas and water systems, Lithium batteries, etc. NOK 43,000

-Solar cell NOK 5195

- Sofa cushions and fabric NOK 14,000

-Sew sofa NOK 8190

- Roof hatch NOK 2845

- Wash NOK 1300

- Refrigerator NOK 7580

-Stove NOK 7999

-Thule bike rack NOK 6225

-Picture inside door NOK. 3400

-Gløderen mini wood stove NOK 12,000 (only oven without pipe and work)

-Miscellaneous small things: cable entry, fire protection, sealant, external power supply, external shower, table legs, kitchen knob etc NOK 9100

Probably something I forgot to include too, but this is essentially what rebuilding the car has cost me.

The car itself, a Peugeot Boxer 2016 model, cost NOK 174,000

A total of NOK 490,834

Hope this can be of help to those of you who want to start a building project.
A detailed explanation of the entire construction process can be found under the "box" Project Campervan here on my website.

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