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On the way home from Lofoten, I had to bring more of the Helgeland coast and several of the beautiful places there.

Rødøya, north of the Helgeland coast, I have heard so many good things about, so I had to check this island out more.
We took the ferry from Jektvik, which was a very good trip.
There is a cozy little shop when you come ashore, and a cozy little eatery, as well as a cafe.
You are welcome to leave the car on the other side, because there are not many meters of roads here.
The only accommodation option in this cozy place is Klokkergården, a place that is really worth a visit. This manor house dates from 1904 and has an idyllic location right by the water's edge and at the entrance to the mountain hike up Rødøyløva and to the beach path.

On this beautiful little island, there would turn out to be some beaches that looked more like a fairy tale than reality. In small coves lay chalk-white sandy beaches with crystal-clear water that shines in turquoise. You cannot drive here, so the only way to get here is by boat or by walking the approx. 1.7 km on a well-marked path.
On the largest and first beaches you come across, you can camp right next to the beach (pictured above with Rødøyløva in the background).
There is a toilet set up here and actually a few sunbeds.
The two beaches beyond are significantly smaller and lie incredibly nicely in small coves, and on these beaches there was not a person to be seen.

The trip up to Rødøyløva is a fantastically nice trip, partly made up of stone stairs.
The mountain is 443 meters above sea level, and when you get to the top a mighty view awaits.

Here there are plenty of good places to sit down and eat a packed lunch.

And with the world's best tour guide, all you have to do is enjoy yourself to the max.

Vel nede igjen var det bare å putte seg ned i sovepose og kose seg med middagen 😀

The next day the trip continued to Torghatten camping south on the Helgeland coast and not far from Brønnøysund.
This was a perfect place to camp on the way south, and a paddling paradise. Here you have the mountain Torghatten with my characteristic hole in the mountain which is 160 m long, 35 m high and 20 m wide Here you can either go to the top or take the trip through the hole and around.

We Haddeland hardly want to leave this place either, so I have to go back here.

Then it was back home, and I can hardly wait for the next trip again.

But first a good meal in the car. Small joys can be found anywhere:-D

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