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(4 servings)

2 stk stangselleri
1 bunt frisk asparges
1 stk avocado
1 stk rødløk
1 stk paprika
2 stk tomat
1 stk hjerteslat
1 boks hermetisk tunfisk i vann

Dressing:3 dl matyogurt Finely chopped dill Salt/pepper Break off the bottom part of the asparagus, before boiling them for about 1 minute. Cut the avocado, asparagus, tomato, paprika and celeriac into rough pieces. Cut red onion into rings. Place the salad on a serving plate and spread the tuna over at the end. Mix together all the ingredients for the dressing and season with dill, salt and pepper. Enjoy the salad with or without dressing!

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